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Merola is a company focused on maximizing the customer travel experience, guaranteeing luxury, comfort, satisfaction and optimizing the time of our clients through a detailed planning and personalized attention.

Why Merola?

  • We have a expert concierge to provide you 24/7 support by chat and help you with any issues.
  • Our team have key contacts to have special entrance to major occasions.
  • We are the first agency in Rio to have a team of professional videomakers promoting the concept of spontaneous content.

Our essence is personalized service, which allows us to know in detail the preferences of our travelers.

This close relationship, combined with the deep knowledge of each destination, allows us to offer suggestions of lodging, gastronomy and tours tuned with the desires and expectations of each of our customers.

As we know also that tourists are always concerned about saving time, we offer the personal concierge service to optimize their time and ensure that their dreams will come true.

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